Gold in Peace, Iron in War

106: Haunted House

Episode 106

Thursday, Jan 15th

  • Cosgrove casts strange magic on Thea’s fan, Aaron’s hammer, and Nora’s dagger (Burning Blade ritual).
  • The group goes to the mansion (more of a manse) on the far side of town. It used to be well-to-do, but time and money have abandoned it. It’s not run-down — just empty.
  • The group divided into two. Aaron and Thea loudly approach the front, while the rest try to sneak into the back.
  • The back gate is open, as is the storm cellar door. Cosgrove finds an unstable TNT bomb, which he carefully defuses with Ruby’s help. Gracie gets a sudden vision of the barrels in the basement exploding, and drags everyone to the front.
  • Aaron sees movement in the front window. He approaches the chained front gate, and finds that the chain is pulsing for some reason. Instead, he knocks out the hinges with his hammer and kicks in the front door. He immediately kills one ghoul, and the rest of the house is warned.
  • Fighting occurs. During the fight the doors close on their own, and Aaron hears a slight moaning sound in the creaking of the doors.
  • The group ends up with one captured ghoul, one Nosferatu, and Jack.


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