Game Policies

Seasons: Each season is approximately 8-12 sessions in length. Part of the reason why I do this is to encourage attendance — you’re only committing to a set numbers of games, not an eternal calendar entry that eats up your time. After the season, I usually take a break to recharge. If I’m up for running with this group again, we discuss if we want to “renew” this game for another season, or if we play something else.

Video Chat: I prefer using video chat when possible for online games to try and get as close as possible to the feeling of being around a table, but it is not strictly necessary. Please don’t broadcast or record the sessions, and try to keep background noise at your location to a minimum (or mute your mic when not speaking).

Care and Feeding of your PC: You need to keep your own character sheet up to date, ideally on this website. This includes your blood, Willpower, and experience points. I’ll have a lot of other things to juggle, so please don’t lose your sheet.

Attendance Etiquette: If you can’t make it, let me and/or the group know. I generally run with greater than 2/3rds attendance (so, 5 or more people right now). Below that, and I’ll generally cancel. Also, for whatever reason, it’s easier to blow off an online game than one where people show up in person. Please resist this urge.

Green d10 dice

Dice: Dice rolling is on the honor system — use whatever method you like to roll dice, and tell me the results. If you really feel the need to cheat or lie about your dice rolls, I don’t want to game with you.

NPC Stats: I really hate making up sheets for NPCs. In general, I will “eyeball” stats, but I try to play fair. If you want to make up NPC stats for me, I’ll gladly take the help. Otherwise, I’ll steal from other books, or just assign dice pools that look good.

Wheaton’s Law: Don’t be a dick.

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Game Policies

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